Local Transport, Fares and Tickets

Road network in Dubai and its Fares and Ticketing system

Dubai has a highly advanced transport network offering tourists a very wide range of options to travel inside Dubai. The transport system is managed by the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

Dubai's transport network consists of Public buses and government regulated taxis, Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram, and an ever-evolving Water Transportation network.

Information on Dubai's Road Transport network and its Fares and Ticketing system is given below.


Public Buses

The public bus network in Dubai has over 100 routes including 11 inter-city routes. There are 17 bus stations, over 2000 bus stops out of which 600 are air conditioned passenger shelters. All stops have timetables and route maps. All the buses are air-conditioned, clean, modern and equipped with comfortable seats.

Using the public buses in Dubai
  • The front section of the buses is dedicated for ladies and children. Route numbers and name are displayed on the front, back and the side of the buses in Arabic and English using electronic signboards
  • When you are at the bus stop, you will have to wave/signal the driver to stop the bus
  • Bus drivers are friendly and if you are not sure whether you are getting in the right bus you can check the same with the driver
  • You can also request the driver to let you know when you stop comes and he will announce when the stop comes
  • Tap the NOL card on the card machine as you enter bus and also while exiting the bus
  • If you wish to alight at an bus stop, press the Yellow stop buttons which are conveniently located throughout the bus
  • Inside the bus, information screens continuously display the route directions and the stop information.

Taxis in Dubai

  • Clean, well maintained and widely available across Dubai 24 x 7.
  • Monitored and Managed by Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Fare is AED 1.6/km with a minimum Fare of AED 10. Most of the times the taxi fare will not exceed AED 40.
  • RTA operates its own fleet plus there are 5 other private taxi operators, all controlled by the RTA.
  • Contact Number for ordering Taxis is 04-2080808.


NOL Cards

Smart cards that can be used on Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, Dubai Buses and Water transport. Cards can be purchased at ticket machines or at ticketing offices by credit card, debit card or cash. There are 4 types of NOL cards.

1. Nol Red Ticket
  • It is a paper based ticket that can be bought for going from one point to another.
  • It does not have an epurse and has to be loaded with trips before usage.
  • The cost of the ticket is AED 2 and it can be topped up with up to a maximum of 10 Single Trips. Prices of the trips vary depending on the zones. See Fares section.
  • The Nol Silver Card can be used on all modes on transport and is valid for 90 days.
  • It has to be reloaded with the correct trip type beforehand, which means that you have to know which zones you will pass; if you buy a 1 zone ticket and then travel across 2 zones, you will be penalised.
2. Nol Silver Card
  • It is a smart card which can be purchased for AED 25 and comes with a trip value of AED 19.
  • The Nol Silver Card can be used on all modes on transport and is valid for 5 years.
  • An extra advantage of Nol Cards is that they have a daily cap of AED 20, so you will not be charged more than AED 20 per day, regardless of how much you travel. This is not applicable for Nol Red Ticket.
  • The fares are slightly cheaper than Nol Red ticket.
  • Any remaining epurse value can be refunded at any ticket office. There will be a refund charge of either AED 5 or 2.5%, whichever is higher.
3. Nol Gold Card is similar to the Nol Silver Card, except that it can be used for traveling in the Gold Class compartment in the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. On all other modes, the fare charged is same as the Nol Silver Card. The daily cap for Nol Gold Card is AED 50.

4. Blue Card It is a personal card with a secure e-purse. Price of the card is AED 70 (with AED 20 purse value) and is useful only if you are a resident of Dubai.


  • The transport network in Dubai is divided into 7 NOL zones .
  • The fare structure is very simple with 3 levels - travel within same zone, travel within 2 adjacent zones or travel in more than 3 zones.
  • When you tap-in and tap-out, fare will be automatically calculated based on the number of zones travelled. Remember to tap-out, else the maximum fare will be deducted from the Card.
  • The Gold Class Fares are double that of Silver Class fares.
  • Below public transport fares are the new fares revised on 11th Nov 2014.
Zones and Fares
Dubai Metro and Bus Fare and Zones

Where to buy

  • NOL Cards can be purchased/topped up from all Metro stations and Bus stations.
  • They can also be purchased from the Ticket Vending Machines on some of the Bus stops and also in Carrefour, Spinneys and Waitrose supermarkets.